Results 2017



1st Place - Lauren Hanson
2nd Place - Lisa Losito
3rd Place - Julie Olson

Mixed Weapons (Cup of Inclusion)

1st Ryan Rusek
2nd Amelia Schmeits
3rd Joe Ceirante

Classes 2017

Fighting from the Onset
Training to be Effective
Fiore Dagger
Warrior's Workout

Champion's Longsword

1st Place - Amelia Schmeits
2nd Place - Meghan O'Connell
3rd Place - Jamie Kikilidis

Survivor's Longsword

1st Place - Juniper Humphrey
2nd Place - Lauren Hanson
3rd Place - Liliana Klein


1st Place - Lisa Losito
2nd Place - Julie Olson
3rd Place - Katie Zold


Instructors 2017

 Photo courtesy of Angel Jeremiah Uribe

Photo courtesy of Angel Jeremiah Uribe

Brittany Reeves

Brittany Reeves has been practicing HEMA with Blood and Iron Martial Arts since 2014. Brittany has since assumed the role of assistant instructor and coach within the club. Brittany placed third in both Women's Longsword and Women's Open-weight Glima at PNW 2015. Recently, Brittany took gold in both Women's Longsword and Women's Lightweight Glima at Rose City Classic 2016, and Bronze in Women's Longsword at SoCal Swordfight 2017; a testament to her progress as a practitioner and competitor. Brittany holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Ancient and Medieval History and primarily focuses on Meyer Longsword and Lausatök Glima under the tutelage of Principal Instructor, Lee Smith.

 Image provided by Kimberleigh Roseblade

Image provided by Kimberleigh Roseblade

Kimberleigh Roseblade

Kimberleigh Roseblade discovered HEMA in the Spring of 2010 when she walked into the doors of Vancouver's Academie Duello. She became both an adult and youth instructor and coached a program known as SwordFit for years. She moved to Muskoka, Ontario in 2015 where she started a longsword class once a week following the Italian martial traditions of Fiore dei Liberi. In October 2016 she moved to Toronto, Ontario where she is a member of the Academy of European Medieval Martial Artists and teaches a HEMA fitness class through the space they share with the Fighting Arts Collective of Toronto. She is currently in the process of becoming nationally certified as a personal fitness trainer through the YMCA and is also an apprentice in falconry.

 Image provided by Kristine Konsmo

Image provided by Kristine Konsmo

Kristine Konsmo

Binds in 1.33 Sword and Buckler - Kristine Konsmo - The four binds and various counter-binds discussed in 1.33. The class will be drill-based working in pairs, building up from slow work to sparring situations. Gear: mask, gloves, chest protection for those only doing slow drilling; full sparring kit for those doing the entire class. Sword and buckler.

Footwork - Kristine Konsmo - GHFS - Good footwork in tournament settings is a struggle. Learn methods and drills to improve footwork that won't collapse under pressure.

Special thanks to our local instructors Tristan Zukowski, Peter Concannon, and Tim Kaufman.