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Philadelphia Common Fencers Guild

West Philadelphia's only Historical European Martial Arts group, currently focusing on the German longsword techniques of Joachim Meyer and Italian rapier.

As of right now, classes are free and take place every Sunday at 11AM in Clark Park.
Classes are welcome to all genders, ages, experience levels, and martial backgrounds.
Our practice is collaborative and cooperative in nature and as such we support and brandish inclusivity as well as friendly, healthy competition and martial spirit.

Rejoice, your life is in your hands!

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Train With us @ Clark Park

Sundays - 11AM
4300 Baltimore Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19104



A Game of Thrones-style swordplay class happens Sundays in West Philly

Featured in BillyPENN

HEMA deals primarily with martial arts that were practiced at one point in history but have died out, evolving into others. It’s not just swordplay, but also involves heavy studying of illustrated manuals that depict the style and weaponry used. 
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Flowerpoint 2017

Photo Credit: Jeff Priester