What is Rogue FEncing?

Rogue Fencing is the training-focused component of the HEMA Events Network. Rogue Fencing seeks to provide high caliber instruction for all HEMA participants, build collaborative knowledge networks, and expose a diverse crop of new practitioners to this martial art.

Our longsword programming is focused on the study of the German longsword, particularly the techniques developed by Johannes Liechtenauer, a 14th-century German fencing master.  Liechtenauer’s system involved a pragmatic approach to civil combat developed in Central Europe.

We provide training on the practical application of the Liechtenauer tradition using a 3-pronged approach: (1) learning techniques from the text, (2) sparring, and (3) test-cutting.

During technique training and sparring we use blunt steel longswords and may use various degrees of protective gear, depending on the intensity prescribed by the instructor that day.

When we test-cut, we use sharp swords and rolled tatami (a straw material) mats as a diagnostic for our technical skills. We are ensuring our cuts are the correct angles and properly being powered, so that the other two components of training remain mechanically sound.

Rogue Fencing also provides training and competition opportunities in rapier. Through an alliance with the International Rapier Seminar, we hope to develop and grow the HEMA rapier through scholarship, education, and competition. 

Rogue Fencing believes in earnest martial training and growth in order to be true to the martial art.


These likeminded groups are open to individuals of all skill levels. Find your local club to become involved in the HEMA scene!



Rogue Fencing provides demos, consultation, and classes in the New York City metro area. Rogue specializes in Italian Rapier and German Longsword. 


West Philadelphia's only Historical European Martial Arts group, currently focusing on the German longsword techniques of Joachim Meyer.