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Tanya Smith runs things around here. She's been a member of New York Historical Fencing Association for three years. Her main focus is German Longsword. She has also branched out to train rapier and sidesword. In addition to historical fencing, Tanya has taught foil at various schools in the New York City area since 2013.

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Competitive Record

  • IGX 2014
    • 1st Longsword (women's)
    • 3rd Sidesword (women's)
    • 3rd Overall (women's)
  • FNY 2015
    • 2nd Longsword (women's)
  • Fecht Yeah 2016
    • 2nd Longsword (women's)

Rogue Fencing is run by a WoC, so you can take any white supremacy or patriarchal bs and either jump in the East River or I can throw you in it.